Single & Double Slider

Available in all vinyl, single and double slider windows are functional and fit into most areas of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and basement areas.
Single sliders have a single operating sash while both sash slide on double sliders. On both styles, the sash will easily slide to any position, allowing you to customize your ventilation.
On both single and double sliders the sash will easily lift out for cleaning or egress reasons – no special hardware required!
You can combine single and double slider windows with fixed styles to create your perfect look!

  • Integrated pull-rail handle
  • Cam lock
  • Full or half-width screen installed on the outside
  • Standard Low E with argon gas fill and warm-edge spacer
  • Additional glass options available
  • Standard colour is White
  • Additional paint colours are available, custom colour matches upon request
  • Internal grilles
  • Different colours and finishes available